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Gloria Fox has been creating commissioned portraits for over twenty five years. Originally a Mathematician (M.S. from S.M.U in Dallas Texas) and Computer Scientist by profession, she started painting portraits in the years she spent at home raising four sons. Basically self-taught, since 1986 she has studied with nationally famous artists. However, she still prefers to let her own style develop through continuing experience and experimentation.

Working in either pastels or oils, and specializing in portraits of children and pets, her use of digital photography allows immediate viewing for determining pose, lighting and expression. With over 100 major awards, her work is in private collections in the United States, Europe and Japan.

The Portrait Process

PLANNING PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION – The decisions to be made at the first meeting are the size and type of portrait wanted, how much of the subject is to be included in the portrait, type of lighting and angle of lighting and clothing possibilities. This basically takes experimenting and trying out different locations and angles. With a digital camera, any images unsatisfactory to either the artist or the client may be deleted. Eventually, one or more images are acceptable. Notes on color should be made, especially eye and hair color, in order to get correct color on the computer screen and an accurate color printout. Many times a garment is left to help in achieving accurate color.

IMAGE PREPARATION – In preparation for the actual work, the accepted images are then downloaded to my computer. Only after viewing the full sized images on the screen can I decide which ones (usually only 2 or 3) have the desired characteristics and clarity to be used for the portrait. The image size, values and colors are corrected until the image appears correct on the screen. If the family has internet access, the 2 or 3 selected images are then emailed for their assessment in the privacy of their home. Since computer screens are different and the images may not appear the same on their screen as they did on mine or if the client does not have internet access, printout(s) of the images will be mailed.

COLOR STUDY (OPTIONAL FOR CHILDREN) – If the subject is old enough to hold a pose, I will have them return for a color study, usually 2 to 3 hours. This can result in a more animated portrait and more accurate color.

COMPLETION OF THE PORTRAIT – Only after the client and the family have approved an image (or images) will I printout the desired enlargements for the completion of the portrait, which usually takes 2-4 weeks for a head and shoulders.

ACCEPTANCE AND DELIVERY – When the pastel portrait has progressed to where I am reasonably satisfied, it is time to use the camera again. The images of the nearly completed pastel are viewed on the screen. Many times any imperfections become obvious and I decide to make changes to the pastel and repeat the photographic process. Eventually when I am completely satisfied, the email process is repeated with the image of the completed pastel. The client must eventually come and view the pastel for a completely accurate assessment. At that time any minor changes may be made.

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